DressLily Reviews| Is DressLily a Scam? What We Need To Know About It

DressLily.com is a international ecommerce company which focus on fast fashion clothing and free shipping. People are always worry about the unknown, especially online shopping. Before you place a order on DressLily the first time, you naturally worried about the security. “Is DressLily legit or a scam?”, “ How other customers review it?”, “Does DressLily deserve my money?”

Is Dresslily Legit Or a Scam?

Is DressLily a scam? Check on the home page of DressLily.com, i find it’s safe. DressLily protected by DMCA which is a global leader services to provide content protection. It also certified by McAfee SECURE. McAfee did not find any unwanted software on DressLily. Click on DressLily.com and download files are safe for customers. McAfee also stated that DressLily does not try to steal customers’ identity, provide sensitive personal information to DressLily are safe.dmca

How Other Customers Review It?

DressLily reviews on reserratings.com

More than 1 thousand customers review DressLily on resellerratings.com. Some customers give DressLily 5 stars and positive reviews. “beautiful wig”, “Awesome Shoulder Top and Sunglasses :D”, while some customers give DressLily 1 star and negative reviews. “scam”, “horrible shipping”. Anyway, DressLily rated a 7.42/10 score, not bad.

DressLily reviews on trustpilot.com

Over 500 customers review DressLily on trustpilot.com. It got a average score of 5.1/10, not very good, hope DressLily will face it. And DressLily seemingly really face it. When negative reviews written on trustpilot, DressLily customer service will reply to them and provide helpful.

Based the above 2 reviews sites, i found what customers complain about DressLily more is shipping. You should note that DressLily is free shipping just for flat rate shipping which is usually slow, if you want to get a fast shipping, try to choose other shipping method. And if you choose free shipping, you’d better pay $2 for tracking your order. It applied to all shipping method that add shipping insurance to your order.shipping-methods

More information about DressLily shipping are posted on my other article “How to Choose Right Shipping on DressLily.com?

Is Dresslily Deserve My Money?

We know many customers complain about DressLily’s delivery, but why so many people still love to shop on it? Does DressLily deserve our money?

Yes, if you want competitive products, dresslily deserve your money. From above two reviews sites we know what customers love DressLily are products, price and customer service. But if you want shipping over quality, forget what i say.

<center>Customer reviews for DressLily from trustpilot.com </center>

Customer reviews for DressLily from trustpilot.com

<center>Customer reviews for DressLily from resellerratings.com</center>

Customer reviews for DressLily from resellerratings.com

More than 2 dresslily reviews are written online, both negative and positive. We can’t ask dresslily to satisfy all what we need, but we could choose something important for us. If you mind the shipping,dresslily is not your best choice. But if you want competitive products, choose dresslily.

Whether you agree with me or not, leave your tips and reviews to dresslilyreviews.com are appreciated.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    This Blog makes me suspect it’s a scam.

  2. H. Maese says:

    Dreslily is scam co.i order 2 shirts XL they only send one instead of two,and on that shirt it said XL on the label,but it was a small,I couldn’t even put it on me,they got away with my money

    • Lily says:

      Hi Maese

      I’m so so so sorry for missing your comments due to my carelessness.
      I’ve transferred your comments to dresslily customer service team, they told me that we need know your order number and then offer you a best solution.
      pls log in your dress lily account to check the email and reply to them directly

      dresslily reviews blog

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