10 fashion trends that will mark 2018

The new year is just beginning and yet, it is already time to look at what will be the fashion of tomorrow and the next 365 days. Essential pieces, bold materials and it-accessories of the season …: the social network Pinterest reveals the major trends that will mark the year 2018. We do not lose a minute of the new year to follow the trendy guide!

For four years now, Pinterest has been publishing an annual report announcing the top 100 trends that will punctuate the new year . Beauty, cuisine, decor and style, everything goes! For 2018, the social network is no exception to the rule and counted among the tables created by its users and photos “pinted” furiously at the other end of the click.

Pinterest addicts are taking the case seriously with more than 16 billion fashion ideas shared on the social network in images, which is one of the most popular categories and 70% Pinterest users browse, search, record and create their fashionable tables at least once a week to come up with ultra-trendy tailor-made looks.

The style category of Pinterest social allows to give a beautiful horizon trends that will come to life in the coming months thanks to the pics of fashionistas who spot online what they want to buy and wear in real life. A study that has everything to tell us what to expect on the shelves of your favorite stores and in your wardrobes for the next 12 months!

Cap on the Logomania

The fashion pieces that proudly display the brand logos sign their big comeback! It’s up to you now to find yours in shops to be ready to draw them at any time. Why do we believe it? Because it’s fun and you do not need to be able to afford a luxury piece to proudly display the logos. It’s even an opportunity to dramatize them!

Shine without restraint

If vinyl and its other acolytes of high-gloss synthetic materials have already been noticed in 2017 and it seems that they are still popular! If you have not yet succumbed to the matrix trend while vinyl and leather gleaming, it’s a safe bet that you will soon go over the course. Dresslily Trends

The return of the classic denim

You are less daring? Do not worry, every year his favorite model of denim to wear trendy pieces without risk taking. After a comeback of jeans mom that sublimates the curves of all fashionistas, Pinterest announces another great return just as vintage: that of raw jeans. You know, this classic 100% cotton is self-sufficient. Good news if you love it, you will not leave it.

Adopt the Parisian look with a beret

Yes, we told you already a few weeks ago: this is the big return of the beret! No more fancy spirit in Paris, the fashionista will play Parisian fatal in 2018. Do not wait to offer you one of the most beautiful models of the winter because we have concocted a nice selection of berets guns to offer you the covers head of the season.

Cap on the wide pants

No more ultra-tight pants that emphasize the leg from the top of the thigh to the calf, the fabric grows in 2018 to offer us more fluidity. A boon for those who do not like to show their legs. You can already look for wide pants.

The socks play it couture

Put away your cocooning wool socks and get ready to put on your finest socks to get them dressed up and boost the look of your shoes. Associated with a pair of sandals we show them glamorous as Kendall Jenner has dared on the red carpet. We will mix them so well to our shoes to bring a touch of fantasy that will definitely be in style in 2018. Lurex, patterns or glitter? What do you choose?

Shoe: fantasy has the wind in its sails!

Finished the classic shoes all tristounettes, the details are definitely funs to twister your sneakers, pumps and ankle boots. You buckles, pearls and nails sometimes rock or ultra feminine or rock to give a touch of originality to your shoe.

XXL models

This year, we dare to play on the length with thicknesses of long vests , kimono and jackets that are worn long or very long with models whose fabric plays the extensions below the knee.

Statement earring – Acte II.

Statement earrings have already attracted many Pinterest users. Graphics, asymmetrical and above all, they still have good days in front of them. It is now the geometric shapes and the extra-large rings that will cling more and more to our ears. Cap on  the 2018 jewelry trend !

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