Fashion Trends Reviews: ” Jewel Necklaces ” And Jewelry That Complement The Outfit

Fashion trends for 2017 predict that the jewelry that we wear will be large, showy and matched to one another, you will not have to choose and above all we must not give up anything. Must-have? Rings craze, preferably overlapping. The necklaces are those jewelry that is always on fashion, must complete, dress up and sometimes cheer the outfit. For example, a gem necklace, preferably huge can “decorate” the classic little black dress or a simple turtleneck sweater.

I want to recommend some jewelry of low-cost costume jewelry that are on website, a store that sells clothing, accessories and a whole lot of gadgets. The company ships from China and, depending on the shipping type you choose, the package can arrive in 10 days or a month for free shipping. The package I received in perfect condition, undamaged packages and no product was broken and the jewels were well packaged.

dressLily jewel reviews 1

This first series is extremely beautiful, big is showy complete any basic look and completely changes the outfit. And ‘color of gold but not polished, burnished opaque. Despite being massive it is very light and you forget to have her neck. Council to wear with the classic little black dress or a turtleneck sweater or even under a shirt maybe jeans buttoned up the last button. Of course since it is so blatant as jewelry and do not overdo it with other jewelry and choose bracelets and rings simple motion. Cost $3.93, free shipping.

dressLily jewel reviews 2

Here you will find the necklace Faux flower pendant crystal

This second series is elegant and a shiny gold color class, very light bike, weighs very little. Ideal to wear on low-cut dresses or shirts. I see well worn in summer with light and saucy clothing, reminds me a little ‘style’ ‘Ancient Rome’ ‘. very little costs USA3.76 with free shipping.

dressLily jewel reviews 3

Here you will find the Sequins Circle necklace

Another necklace is this round neck crescent, I have choice of silver color, but you can also have gold. Lightweight and adjustable in size. It has a price of $3.14 and free shipping.

dressLily jewel reviews 5

Here you will find the choker crescent

The last jewelry that I propose is this flower necklace with rhinestone accompanied by earrings, I have chosen shades of white, but there are three other colors. It has a price of $3.24 with free shipping.

dressLily jewel reviews 6

Here you can find the flower necklace

A must have in any outfits are the rings, preferably overlapping or otherwise special. I propose this set of 12 rings to be used either alone or mixed in the fingers of the hand. They are gold-, very light and different thickness and finish. They are really low cost in fact have a price of $2.87 and free shipping.

dressLily jewel reviews 7

dressLily jewel reviews 8

You find here 12 rings

A ring truly wonderful band with a vintage style is a little retro. Matte silver, you can be found in size 17-18-19. I took a size 17 having small fingers. It is shaped like a twisted ribbon inscribed with a phrase in English. Cost of $6.53 with free shipping.

dressLily jewel reviews 9

dressLily jewel reviews 10

Here you will find the ring Vintage Engraving

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