DressLily Wigs Reviews 2016

Dresslily wigs became hot sale 2016. Why is it so popular this year? This article about dresslily wigs reviews will try to answer this question, hope it will be helpful for who want to know wigs.

  1. Dresslily wigs reviews: Dresslily has a huge range of wigs.

The wig styles on dresslily are over 3 thousands, consist of short, long, straight, curly, wavy and etc. Even more surprising is there are men wigs on dresslily, that is rare on other shopping sites.wigs

       2. Dresslily wigs reviews: Dresslily wigs are cheaper.

The prices of most wigs on dresslily are from 10 USD to 20 USD. Real human hair wigs are usually more expensive than other wigs. Even so, the prices of human hair wigs on dresslily are cheaper than most sites. The price of most short human hair wigs are from $20 to $50, while that of most long human hair wigs are from $50 to $100.

The price of it on dresslily.com are usually cheaper than other same sites.Take the price of a long curly wig for a example. On dresslily, it’s $36.90, the price on lightinthebox.com is $39.99, on sammydress.com, it’s $40.81, on aliexpress, it’s more expensive, from $76.3 to $259.9.


The price of long curly wig on dresslily


The price of long curly wig on lightinthebox


The price of long curly wig on aliexpress

       3. Dresslily wigs reviews: It’s easy for us to find out what we want on dresslily.

I try to find wigs on amazon or ebay, it’s hard for me to find out what wigs i love on there, so i quit it. On dresslily, the page of wigs is concise, wigs are sorted clearly. If you want a cheap wig for Halloween party 2016, then the category of Cosplay wigs is you need.

Enter “wigs” on dresslily search box, you will many related searches like the following picture appeared.wigs-synthetic

Even you enter nothing, just place the cursor in the search box, dresslily will show you popular searches like ombre wig, kinky wigs, medium wigs and so on. Try it, and you will know the truth of what i said.pixie

All above about dresslily wig reviews is just my own opinion. If you have any tips, reviews or questions, welcome to leave comments here. Any other info about dresslily are posted on this dresslily reviews blog.

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    Can you ship the wig to the Spain country?

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    If your wigs are not suitable, can I change?

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    You wigs look so cool, I want to buy one, how can I make a order

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