DressLily Reviews|How Does DressLily Solve The Size Issue

Most people have experiences of online shopping, and all most of them have ever complained about the size issue. Because for online shopping, customers are unable to try clothes before buying, it is not sure whether clothes will fit them or not. As a global fashionable shopping website, DressLily also receives such complaints from customer all over the world.

DressLily reviews about sizing

DressLily review 1:

“My swimsuit was NOT the right size…I should read the fine print on sizing BEFORE I order…….I contacted them today..and VOILA! they refunded my money immediately! Thank you DressLily!”

DressLily review 2:

“Ordered 3 swimsuits, and not one of them fits.It’s not worth the trouble to try to exchange, since the sizing is so off. I think there items are sized for children, or VERY small women. Even though I ordered by the sizing chart, items are are about two sizes to small.”

DressLily review 3:

“I ordered an XL bathing suit and it would barely fit a 12 year old girl. I also ordered a black top that was extremely small. There was no packing slip with instructions for returning. I called the customer service number and got an answering machine, no call back! Pkg. said Czech Republic…
Dress lily did contact me with a prompt response and refunded my money for this merchandise.”

All above customer reviews for DressLily are copied from trustpilot.com which is a website published reviews both good and bad.

What DressLily did to solve these customer complaints for DressLily?

DressLily tracked these reviews sites and take initiative to contact customers who complained and help solve their problems. Is DressLily a scam? No, a scam will not do that. What DressLily do is to help customer experience and improve it based on customer service.customer-service2 customer-service1

Besides trustpilot.com, DressLily also tracked customer reviews and complaints on facebook, resellerratings and other third-part reviews sites. But to be honest, i recommend you to leave reviews on their official website. Internet is so huge, it’s hard for DressLily customer service to track every customer complaints and reviews. If you want to solve you problem quickly, contact DressLily customer service directly is the most efficient.

More details to solve the complaints for DressLily about sizing.

To increase efficiency of solving size issue, i would like to share this article with you. And tell you how to solve the complaints for sizing.

Ⅰ.Check the size chart

Collecting customer reviews for sizing, DressLily does best to provide the correct size and have a size chart displayed on each product page. Please go to the product page, scroll down, the size chart is in the product description. You can choose the item size according to your own measurements (in inches or cm).Below is a size chart.

If you still unsure the sizing, contact customer service with live chat, or check other customer reviews.size-chart

Ⅱ.Correct item received but doesnt fit

Some customer reviews said they did check the size chart and choose correct size, but the item they received doesn’t fit. DressLily will be responsible for you order. You can submit a ticket via our support center and state your issue, customer service will offer proper solutions according to your order amount. DressLily treasures every customer and wants to solve customer’s issue as soon as possible, here are some tips DressLily would like to ask customers to follow:

  1. If there is only one item in your order, please state whether it is large or small.
  2. More than one item in your order, please kindly list SKU number or product name that don’t fit.

Below is the process how DressLily solve the size issue:questionquestion2 answer

.Wrong size received

DressLily ships thousands of parcels every day, in few cases, DressLily makes a mistake when pack many parcels. Once you receive the incorrect item, please contact customer service immediately and send SKU number, pictures of item itself. Once the issue has been confirmed, DressLily will resend the correct item for free or make the full refund, customer can choose either one that makes her satisfied.

DressLily Stated: “DressLily is a wholesaler and get items from different suppliers. There may be small differences in size from what is offered on website. Hope customers can understand this. In the end, DressLily kindly asks each customer can provide your own measurements and reviews after the size issue is solved. It can help DressLily to improve the size issue and service customers better in the future.”


From above, we see DressLily is not a scam and it desire to improve customer experience. If you have any DressLily reviews and DressLily complaints, leave comments to my article “DressLily Reviews|How does DressLily solve the size issue” is a pleasure to me.

More discussions about DressLily.com will be on DressLilyreviews.com


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8 Responses

  1. Frank Grogan says:

    Yes its been a month and not my order I have not received. .. I payed all the extra fees as well to here quick..

    • Lily says:

      Hi, Frank

      I’m sorry for your shopping experience. Please note that the total dilivery time is processing time plus shipping time. the processing time depends on your items. you could know it on the right corner under the title of the product page.
      Anywhere, i will send your comments to dresslily customer service team, please log in your dresslily account and check the email later

      dresslily reviews blog

  2. Alice says:

    I want to place a order on your site, can you give me some discount?

  3. Jun says:

    If the size is not suitable, can I have a full refund?

  4. Angal says:

    How do I choose a correct site about the clothes?

    • dresslily reviews blog says:

      based on your actually data, and pls check the size chart on every single page before you add the item to bag

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