DressLily Release Models’ Sizing Stats To All Customers

Customer review about size is always a big complaint for e-commerce businesses. Size also be various due to different countries, regions, brands or suppliers. Asia L size may be Uk S size. DressLily also face this kind of complaints. “i order a dress for myself, but it just fit fit my 9 years old daughter, scammer”. Is DressLily a scam? We cannot give a clear answer, but DressLily do improved greatly this year.

To help customer find their size on DressLily and reduce customer complaints for size, DressLily released models’ size stats for reference.

DressLily, which wants to increase its transparency in its services, now add model stats beside items description, so that Customers can have a better idea if a product can suit them.

DressLily is aware of a truth that customers of all shapes and sizes, when publishing product images, DressLily added model stats to help you find your size. DressLily model stats include model’s BWH, height, weight and other information. Customers can then use the style of the model with the sizes to determine if the same product might suit them. This will be combined with DressLily’s sizing chartmodel-images

The model images are 100% authentic and made by DressLily to ensure that only real images are published. The company is dedicated to ensuring that customers know exactly what they are buying. Product images are not modified or manipulated, customers receive what they see. DressLily is determined to build a reputation for customer satisfaction and the company hopes that customers will appreciate its transparency.model-stats

it’s need time to add every model stats to every time, so maybe you cannot find the model stats on every item. Just wait it. Is DressLily a scam? Maybe not. Model photos are added to new inventories as they are added. Customers who can not find what they are looking for on DressLily can also check out twin sites such as Nastydress and Trendsgal which offer a range of fashion products different from DressLily.

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8 Responses

  1. maria kovacs says:

    this company bad

    • DressLily Customer Service says:

      Hi. Maria, I am customer service from dresslily.com.
      We have sent you an ticket(email )about your order, please log in your Dresslily account to check your email.
      If you have any problem, please feel free to leave comments on DressLily Reviews Blog
      Please rest assured, we always do our best to help our customers.

  2. Ana says:

    Can I return the product if it doesn’t fit?

    • DressLily Customer Service says:

      it’s up to your order. if it’s our mistake we will offer you a full refund and you don’t have to return it back.

  3. Adam says:

    Do you ship to Haywards heath?

  4. Paul says:


    • DressLily Customer Service says:

      You could check the single item’s size chart and choose the right size. if it still doesn’t work, tell me

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